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About linkbe

Internet is very dispersed, we have links everywhere, in social networks, websites, blogs, portals and other digital media. It is becoming increasingly difficult to correctly target your audience and for them to stay longer in your ecosystem.

In 2019, we are focused on developing a platform that will solve this, which will support brands, companies and individuals that have content for their audience through an 'easy for everyone' tool. And that your audience can consume content, share more, select more.

Our success, buttons and widgets, to facilitate the diagramming of information, inclusion of social networks, SEO, analytics and adapt to new trends without affecting our current members.

Established in 2020, we have gone from being a simple web link tool to a web landing platform. Now with more users around the world, we have become the welcome website for many and growing more.

Our human team of designers, developers and specialists, focuses every day on helping content creators to make their work easier and consumed by more users.

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