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Easy to use

You navigate with just one hand and your same thumb from the cell phone

Cost Reduction

100% Eco-friendly. Avoid constantly printing Menus

Create your menu in minutes

Save time and money by doing it yourself

Immediate update

You can modify dishes or prices instantly

Detailed information

You can include more detailed information, such as photos or nutritional values

Share on social networks

Did you like a dish or do you want to show the menu? Share it with your friends

No app

You don't need to download an application. Access from your internet browser

Covid Free

Your clients will have a biosecure experience without contact with the traditional menu

Ok, how do I integrate Menu Digital in my business?

Do it yourself

1. Register in linkbe
2. Enter your menu information and upload your photos
3. Download your QR code and print it for your tables and bar
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I need you to do it for me

If you own or manage the business and creating digital content is not your strong point.
You may not have time to do it yourself, our team of designers can take care of the design of your menu. Contact us and a linkbe expert will attend to your requirements