Schedule links

To facilitate the management of your links, all the widgets have the option of setting the date and time to show and disappear.

For example, if you have created a promotional flyer with an offer that expires sometime next week, or set the promotional video for each week, or maybe you are going on a trip but want to leave a button to start the sale of tickets for a event that starts in 15 days. This way you avoid having to remember to remove the ad, you save time and your audience will always see updated information.

To carry out this programming and automate the process, follow these steps:

1. Log in and access the link to edit, as explained in previous steps.

2. Click on the "links" button and switch to the mode where your widgets appear.

3. Press the pencil icon and the options for the selected widget will open.

4. Go to Advanced Options and open the tab.

5. Define the start, end or both date and time depending on your case.

6. Click Save to apply the changes.

7. Done.