Using Leap Link

This option allows you to redirect your audience to a link of your choice for as long as you want. This way you won't have to change the URL of your original linkbe.

Use it for example, when you want to send your audience to:
● Some particular post.
● To your new website.
● At the launch of the last music track.
● To the sales site of your next show.
● To the official site of your latest video.
● A promotional landing page.
● Etc.

To add a Leap Link, do the following:

1. Log in and access the link to edit, as explained in previous steps.

2. Click on the "Settings" button.

3. Go to Advanced Options and open the tab.

4. In the animation selectable, choose the animation you want or none if you don't want to animate.

5. Enable Leap Link.

6. Define the URL for your Leap Link to where you want to redirect your visitors.

7. Click on "Save Changes".

8. Done.